Name Wiki Wikipedia
style Naughty
acess numbers 45
owner Devil
founder Jimmy Wales
original languague English
number of articles 6
server Wikimedia Foundation
years old 56

The Wikipedia is a site created by the evil Jimmy Wales and that its sole purpose to monopolize and filter all human knowledge with the help of Google and Internet Explorer.

Review Edit

The creators of this site, including the famous Drinitol, used the same software programming Uncyclopedia, MediaWiki. Asserting a legal loophole which states that by the GNU, everything is copyable (minus the MP3), copied absolutely everything, including the interface. In fact, one can note that in some parts of the software speaks of "weirdpedians", indicating that not even looked for the software original MediaWiki, but I copied all data to this Weirdpedia and from there began to change.

The project is currently funded by Microsoft, Google Earth, The Unnamable (hence not tell the whole truth about it), Robin Hood, Neopets and Green Day not forgetting the multinational fruit Apple.

Besides all this you realize that wikipedia is useless, why? Well that is no longer as encyclopedias before, before you could take an encyclopedia in your hands and wrest a few pages and go to the bathroom and wipe your ass with them

Erroneous Advice Edit

Warning: Wikipedia does not give medical advice. If you feel ill or suicidal, you can go to a list of support groups at the end of this page, or you can use any search engine (for example) to find"suicide prevention." Nor should the Dr. House to believe a mere fictional character not doubt it because it's a real doctor.

Wikipedia edit the content of the Weirdpedia would be a good way to spend the time (but not any good you'd be a deserter who betrayed their nation!), Especially if the page editaras outside review. But believe me, if anything have the bastards is that they are not school or a taco. So, my friends, nosa advise VOSA pierder no time putting on the Wikipedia calved or talking like Jar Jar Bings.

History Edit

The Jimmy Wales was looking for a way to become famous in the Internet, then decided to join a nerd, which was creating a little project shit. The Jimmy always thought that Wikipedia would be a fail, but he was surprised when it worked, then enjoying the fame, he decided to play the founder and who always believed in the project and its concepts, such as Jimmy has the least expensive of the nerd Larry that he was a creator of Wikipedia, Larry Sanger did not accept this and revolted, gave up and created Wikipedia fail a copy her and lives trying to get rid of Wikipedia (this story reminds Uncyclopedia,no?).

The Nupedia and Wikipedia started using servers Bomis, a site specializing in pornography (hence the Nude called), from what they call glamor photography (which are famous models showing pussy, photographed by famous faces) to the actual pornography (which are unknown models showing pussy - noticed the difference?). The story is here for those who want to check)

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