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This is a weirdbook devoted entirely to the soil their home in every way, or ways, provided you have time, patience (requerition quite small, since, after all, is fun, is to clear the problem after all) and intelligence enough (unless you are a retarded girl) to follow the steps 1 by 1. is advisable that you do not do anything that is written here for fun, for supernanny and her mother are watching and probably kill you when see that you did all this.

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Today we will learn how to make vomiting with rotten egg and shit for dessert:



Eat a rotten egg, vomit in the basin
And then eat the vomit and then vomit again
After the break (s) other (s) and put rotten eggs in the bucket
Then mix everything and then divide it in two and eat a
After what you ate shit on top of another part of the mix
Then mix it again and bake until it explodes
Then throw it all away

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