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“What more grumpy guy”
~ You on Squidward
“What the fuck, will speak ill of your mother”
~ Squidward on this article

Squidward Testicles Tentacles (November 18, 1980) is a shrimp who lives in the wilds of Holy shit Bikini Bottom. Despite the name, there is a Squid is a Octopus headstrong.

Birth Edit


If not for the doctor and the mother, squid ward would not be boring as hell

He was Shit calved on November 18 of 1980 in a hospital of your mother's house Mouseland. His mother had smoked that day all, then he was born with a problem in brain which made it boring to be born fucking. At the time of morph the doctor to make him breathe, he had to use a Cannon shooting at butt of Squid. Unfortunately he got the ass and weeks after Squid had to make a surgery to remove the cannonball.

Childhood Edit

Template:Wikipediapar When Squidward did five years, he was presented with a horse of dick, who used to go to a strange place. Unfortunately he lost the mother's time to ride, and ended up in what is now Bikini Bottom.

After 1 year of searching, Squidward's mother found him, and the two decided to move to the Cleft.

Adult Age Edit

When you turned 18, decided to work as Squidward painter. But as he had no vocation, he did a fine arts course. He failed, and as it was a course of shit, he decided to work pro Mr. Krabs to get money to pay a decent course.

One day his house was destroyed by a giant monster, which fortunately Power Rangers managed to kill. And as he had no choice, he had to buy a house near the SpongeBob and Patrick. He did not know that the two were flat of Galoshes.

Today Squidward lives trying to change, but still have to endure SpongeBob and Patrick, at home and at work.

Life Edit

Squidward is particularly known for not making shit life, and fill the bag of neighbors

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