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George Wallace
George Wallace in office


George Cunt Wallace

Born in

Farm, Alabama


Eternal Governor of Alabama (1963-present)


Independent Democrat

Favorite Song

Party in the CSA


David Duke, Strom Thurmond, Lyndon Johnson

George Commie Wallace was the Democrat three-term governor of Alabama and is the current Eternal Governor of her state. Wallace is son of a Confederate redneck with one of his slaves. Like every Democrat, Wallace was a progressive supporter of free love and therefore homosexuality, rape, pedophilia and incest. Thus, eventually falling in love with his black mother, who denied the request for marriage. Angry and blind, Wallace decided to abusing sexually her, when he has been kicked out home.

Wallace became depressed and angry with this rotten society that doesn't understand her pains and desires. Wallace came to believe that nothing is wrong if makes you happy, and that love is the important. Strong words from a depressed, which were heard in a drug sales point nearby. The present traffickers there quickly agreed with Wallace and invited him to join the Democratic Party, which he did without any hesitation.

After befriending the traffickers, they recommended Wallace to sought a girl who resembled her mother to a relationship. And so he did it. At the University, he met Condoleezza, a girl who had similiar features with of his slave mother. Wallace tried to woo her, but she already had a boyfriend, a black boyfriend.

This made Wallace get angry with black womens, because of that "betrayed" him and black men, because of who "stole his wife". Becoming completely hostile to black people, Wallace went to campaign in defense of segregation, so that blacks and whites would be live separated in society, and he never has to go through that again.

Initially, Democrats and local people were angered by it. However, when Wallace explained its history, both Democrats and Alabamians (which, as good rednecks, had incest as a motto of life), he became a hero in the state, that voted for him three times for governor.

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