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Look how these Republicans are all white and old and .... hey wait, those are the Dems.

The Democratic Party is the second largest political party in the United States, and probably the second most important party in the world. Its members are internationally recognized for their love of taxes and minority supremacy, always fighting for the cause of the bad guys. Like its rival in the US is the Republican Party to achieve their altruistic planetary level that Democrats like to do is take down Republican goals democracies around the world. Within the United States, its members are known for their deceit, lack of dignity and lack of respect for family values​​. Democrats are so dedicated to the cause of the poor, who want to keep them like this forever ... poor.

Its members are all white, rich, old, racist and fascist, however, the party says representative of blacks, the poor, workers, women and Latino immigrants. Among the icons that the party elected to the presidency are a moron who likes jowly fat, an eared afraid of the dark and the man that Japaneses don't want to hear about.

The party is recognized for being the preferred party of southerners and people who like to dress Ze Droplet. It was founded by Andrew Jackson to perpetuate itself in power, as he was afraid that some "fascist" Whig could can shutdown him from power. Through advertising methods developed by Adolf Hitler, Andrew managed to attract millions of people to his new party, which was too full and had to split in two, moderate leftist faction kept the original name, while the most far-left radical faction became the Ku Klux Klan.

The Democratic Party is well known for supporting abusive taxes. They say this is a way to make income redistribution, ie, take from the rich to give to the poor. However, if the poor received something, the Democrats could no longer use your beautiful and moral argument that the existence of poor people with nothing in America is concrete proof that capitalism is flawed and exclusionary. The Democratic Party headquarters is located in Detroit, a city historically ruled by this party, and as such super developed.

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