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Barack Obama
Barack Bin Obama.jpg
Oh look Osama...I mean Obama.



Year Born


IQ level

very small

Catch phrase

Change and Hope

Favorite Song

If I only had a brain



Ayatollah Hosni Mubarak Saddam Hussein Osama bin Laden is a political pothead Democratic Kenyan african American Creole. He won the post of president of the United Bankrupt Arabia (USA), in 2008, benefited by the quotas for blacks system.

Her profile is radically the opposite of his predecessor (George W. Bush); once the Republican wanted to protect the US shooting at Iraqis, while the Democrat wants to protect Iraq shooting at Americans. It is the third in a series of replicating that begin world domination by the african side of the force, and as the first English clone Lewis Hamilton, the second Tiger Woods and the fourth, Steve Harvey, aims to kick the ass of crackers and even with that name, his religion and that color, arrived in a place that, like the Green Party and Golf, only we will have been there to this day: the US presidency.

In football they are already a long time in basketball and then forget it. On top of the name it has certain characteristics that show their power, "Obama" = Obina + Osama. He can, in one motion, destroy two towers and make 5 goals using only the fluted tactic of trivela with middle-hop inverted curve effect and "V". In addition, the name "Barack" is a variation of "Baraka" Warrior experimental replicating which was subjected to tests in Outworld. Obama is known for being the 44th President and former Beatles member.

Obama (osama) was born sometime in the psychedelic 60's, But who knows, Only really OLD people get gray hair in two days.

Obama was raised an unknown religion, most likey muslim???  Who knows but his trademark big ears must have cam around when he was 30 or something because his ears were not all that big as a kid.