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Weird Al Yankovic
Note that even the cover of the album was plagiarized by a little band of hairy lousy
Source Downey, plus a spot to do California crude series
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Period 42 a.c. - today and tomorrow
Gender(s) Classic Music Rock Black Metal and all styles of music known to man and some of the monkeys.
Label(s) Musical Entreitment Bird On Fucking Plane Motherfucker On Fleash Jew Strait Basketball Musical On The Fucking Radio With a Dutch Monkey Records
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Alfred Matthew Van Bacamarte Stradivarius Ludvick Krueburguer Laslo Byron Yankovic is one of the largest, if not the greatest singer, songwriter, accordionist, producer, editor, stripper, cheff, guy who puts plastic shoelace tennis star and actor of all time copied by hundreds of singers. His approach to music clips and reality, art, history, pornography, and environmental concern. The sound of your music and rhythmic constancy of his lyrics thoughtful touch deep in the soul of any living being, leaving Beethoven and other musical fraud in the dust.


No one knows for sure about Yankovic's parents, he was abandoned when he was 2 and was raised by wolves and bears and then later by a raccoon and then by anteaters mutants and then by the southern flying platypus Saskatchewan. Born in the glorious country of Klepakistan after all this transition parents he ended up in Downey in California, but how did not like the name of the city lived most of his life in Lynwood (known as the land of dancing flamingoes). He began his musical life in the choir of his school that was soon dismissed as Yankovic worked around the coral. After that Yankovic has completed the 10th Symphony of Beethoven but then threw it away because according to him "was very dull and without an ounce of musicality musical"